Ten Tips for Growing Your First Beard!


  1. Have Zen-Like Patience On Your Bearded Quest!
    Many an epic beard has been ruined by overzealous trimming in the early days of growth. You should really let it grow for two months before a major trim in order to give your new beard a chance. Only then should you decide if you want to keep it.
  2. Start A Beard Routine Early!
    Decide your path early and stick to it, as good habits at this stage will make a difference to the quality and look of your beard. If you leave it a for a few months, you will most likely leave out some important elements and will not give your fledgling beard the chance it deserves. Consistency is key!
  3. Show The Badger A Flash Of Steel!
    Decide whether to trim your beard yourself using scissors (recommended for longer beards) or a beard trimmer. Alternatively you can secure the services of experts in the form of a beard-friendly barber or hairdresser.
  4. Don’t Wet Shave Your ENTIRE Neck!
    An over defined line under your beard is not a good look, and the chin strap must be avoided at all costs. Instead, thin out the hair on your neck and blend it up into the beard gradually. Don’t trim the beard too high to avoid the illusion of a double chin.
  5. Trim Your Cheeks!
    Try not to shave the top of your beard in a way that’s too defined and aim for a soft and natural line. Shave any sparse hairs on the cheeks, unless you want to go for an 8os look, which is of course up to you. We’re not judging!
  6. Use A Beard Shampoo!
    Never use the shampoo you use on your head as it will be too harsh and it will not replenish the natural oils that the beard needs to look and feel good. Instead, use a good quality beard shampoo, preferably one made from natural ingredients, that cleanses the beard but doesn’t dry it out. You can use a  good quality beard shampoo every day but some experienced beardsmen limit it to three times a week.
  7. Use A Beard Oil!
    Beard oil is a simple but marvellous product and the most important for beards in our opinion. If you use a high quality product you will moisturise your skin and clean, protect and nourish your beard at the same time as giving it a pleasant fragrance. Don’t use too much as a subtle shine looks good, but a greasy look does not!
  8. Comb Or Brush Your Beard!
    Even when looking after a short beard, combing after an application of oil will evenly distribute it throughout your beard. If you do this fairly regularly, say three times a week, it will even out any rogue bristles and make your beard look smarter and better defined. The combination of applying oil and combing from the early days of your bearded journey will help combat any itchiness that might develop.
  9. Don’t Dye Your Beard!
    Most men have grey or white hairs in their beard, often before they have them on their head. This is entirely normal and in our opinion, adds character to the beard. A dyed beard rarely looks natural as the colour is too uniform and it can look as if you’ve drawn on your face in biro. Embrace the silver fox look and the foxes will embrace you. Possibly.
  10. Eat & Drink With Care!
    Having a pie and a pint can be a challenge to the newly-bearded gentleman, particularly if the beard is long, but there are things that can help. Carrying a napkin with you when you go out to eat or drink is inexpensive. Although most restaurants will have them, it means you can sup a pint in a pub without wondering if you have a frothy mess on your ‘tache! A straw is also an option, although drinking beer with a straw is not recommended in rougher public houses!