Born in the wilds of South Yorkshire, Brian Blessed first grew a beard at the age of three according to local folklore. Years later, the fully-grown Brian used to trim his beard with an axe so heavy that two men could barely lift it. He also started washing his beard in the snow from mountains climbed on his expeditions. Now Brian’s beard care products, inspired by his outdoor conquests and staunch respect for nature, help mere mortals attain the epic Blessed beard without ascending Everest or exploring the North Pole, although you probably should try.





We are committed to using natural ingredients in all our products, with no unnecessary chemicals, parabbens, fillers or additives.

Sometimes nature knows best. We believe that high quality, natural ingredients chosen carefully for their effects are the best way to create products that are effective but kind on the skin and the environment.

Nurturing what is arguably one of Britain’s most splendid beards, Brian loves the fresh and woody scents of Mountaineer and Outlaw beard oils.

Animal welfare

Brian Blessed is a vegetarian and committed animal conservationist, working as an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation. With his wife Hildegaard, he has helped over 3000 animals, including donkeys, goats, cats and dogs, sheltering many of them at his home in Surrey.

All Brian Blessed products are cruelty free and and vegan.None of the products or individual ingredients have been tested on animals and we are certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment Of Animals)

Bold yet nourishing, the power of nature works through the products to create a gallant range of grooming products designed for the hardy gentleman.

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